Monoblocks repair

Our company produces monoblock's repair of all manufacturers: Lenovo, Dell, Apple, HP, Acer, MSI, ASUS. Monoblocks require periodic maintenance and repair. Despite the fact that the monoblocks are as reliable devices as personal computers, with them also occur such troubles as:

Cooling system. Permanent overheating BGA chip and processor. Characteristic features:

  • monoblock is turned off during operation
  • creaking or noise of cooling system cooler

The graphics subsystem. As a rule, the failure chip. Characteristic features:

  • various artifacts on the screen (vertical or horizontal stripes, squares, mosaic, etc.).
  • no picture
  • split screen monoblock into several parts
  • during the operation screen goes blank

Motherboard. Failure of the north or south bridges. Characteristic features:

  • no initialization USB-devices, drives, hard disk drives, peripherals
  • failures of memory, the system periodically produces errors about the impossibility of writing / reading memory
  • "blue screens"
  • spontaneous reboot
  • When enabled, the display only lights but there is no load
  • during the operation goes blank

Power supply. Failure of passive or active surface-mounted components, printed conductors, microchip low degree of integration. Characteristic features:

  • complete lack of response to the button on/off
  • spontaneous, haphazard restart
  • spontaneous shutdown monoblock
  • loading or during operation, monoblock "hangs"

List of works:

  • Diagnostics ₽ 800. If you leave the device for repair we have - diagnosis is free. 
  • Replacement matrix from ₽ 2000.
  • Replacement thermal interfaces, cleaning systems, cooling and ventilation ₽ 1,000.
  • Repair (replacement) plume from ₽ 1,500.
  • Replacement inverter matrix from ₽ 1,500.
  • Replacement connector ₽ 500.
  • BIOS programming from ₽ 1,500.
  • Repair motherboard, soldering chips from ₽ 1000.
  • Setting software from ₽ 500.

In our service center you can in the shortest time and at minimal cost Astrakhan to repair your monoblock. 

Tablets repair

Service center aBit is engaged in repair the following brands of tablets producers: Apple, Asus, Acer, Samsung and many other manufacturers for a long period of time. The most frequent repairs associated with the replacement of touch screen, display, firmware, replacing connectors, replacing the microphone and speaker. 

List of works:

  • Diagnostics costs ₽ 500. If you leave the unit for repair - diagnostics is free.
  • Replacement the display (screen) from ₽ 2,000.
  • Replacement touchscreen from ₽ 2,500.
  • Replacement charge connector from ₽ 1,000.
  • Replacement or repair the connector USB / microUSB from ₽ 500.
  • Restoring from ₽ 500.
  • Repair motherboard from ₽ 1,000.
  • Replacement of the case from ₽ 2,500.
  • Repair / cleaning fluid after being hit from ₽ 1,000.

Ask us about repair's cost by phone numbers:  +7 (8512) 299-444 or at Astrakhan, Maksakovoy Street, house 39 (at Mikhaylovskiy deli).