Notebook Repair in Astrakhan

Service Center aBit works big amount of time. In staff we have sertified specialists, which make repair of any degree of complexity. Professional equipment allows us do exact diagnostics and repair of your device with high efficient. We repair laptops Aсer, HP, Sony, IBM, Lenovo, Roverbook, Benq, Toshiba, Dell, Panasonic, Apple, Asus, Fujitsu-Siemens, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, iRU, Fujitsu, Gateway and others on specialized equipment. It allows us guarantee you quality of our work. Your devies are in good hands.


  • Laptop’s repair after mechanical damage, shocks, drops, liquids from ₽ 900.
  • Laptop’s replacing matrix (screen) from  1400.
  • Laptop’s replacing keyboard from  400.
  • Laptop’s motherboard’s repair or replacement after liquid from ₽ 1000.
  • Repair laptop's backlight from any manufacturer, the inverter to any laptop model, replacing the backlight on the screen from any manufacturer from ₽ 300.
  • Laptop's preventing cooling system, cleaning, repair or replacement of the cooler (fan) cooling system, eliminating overheating from ₽ 500.
  • Laptop's upgrade, free consultation, the choice of the optimal variant of the upgrade ₽ 500.
  • Repair and replacement chip BGA, SMD (north bridge, south bridge chip) from ₽ 1,800.
  • Installation anti-virus program and it's regular refreshing Installing anti-virus protection and its continuous update from ₽ 500.
  • Installing the software, reinstalling your operating system from ₽ 500.
  • Forgot your password to the laptop? Remove forgotten passwords from laptops from ₽ 500.
  • Also we have a large range of accessories: batteries, power supplies, keyboards, cases, coolers, plumes, microcircuit and more in stock and at order. 
  • Laptop’s repair matrix (matrix probably may be not destroyed fully, screen sometimes may be repaired)

We glad to meet new clients. We appreciate all of you and do our best so that you have received from our work only positive emotions.