Our service center has been repairing video cards and motherboards of all well-known manufacturers of any complexity. We provide all kinds of diagnostics before repair motherboards and video cards.

We make repair of video cards

laptop's of any complexity, including microsoldering components, ball-point solder, replacement the graphics processor (chipset), memory chips, bridges, controllers, firmware BIOS (BIOS), restoration of damaged track, troubleshoot power problems and so on. 
List of works:

Replacement, soldering (Reballing) graphics processor GPU (the chip)
Replacement, soldering (Reballing) memory chips
Reprogramming or replacement BIOS chip
Repairing damaged conducting paths
Repair of food chains
Eliminating various artifacts (stripes, squares, "chess", lines and so on)
Replacement connectors D-Sub, DVI, S-Video
Eliminating overheating, cooling system repairs

We make repair of motherboards

Apple, Compaq, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, Dell, HP, IBM, Rover Book, IRU, Gateway, ASUS, Panasonic, Mitac, Acer, Samsung, LG or any other producers. We do everything...

Soldering, replacement of the north and south bridges
Soldering, replacement of video chips
Reballing BGA, soldering SMD motherboard components
Repair of power supply circuits of various parts and components
Repairing damaged conducting paths
Soldering, replacement of sockets, expansion slots, and others.
Replacement power connectors, USB, PS / 2, COM, LPT, D-SUB, LAN and other
Recovery of various loops
Reprogramming, replacement BIOS chip
Other repairs

Obviously, depending on the manufacturer, model, and the degree of damage, the same work can significantly vary in complexity operations. Therefore, the final price of the laptop repair, depends on many factors and is determined only after the diagnosis. 

Frankly, all of these price lists are listed on the websites of the service centers, except for simple works are very relative. While the laptop does not fall into the hands of the engineer, no one is able to determine the final cost of repairs.